“The mission of the Semester in Thailand is to provide students a life-changing international experience, designed for intellectual, social, personal and spiritual transformation.”

The Spring Semester in Thailand in not a trip, it is an educational program involving cultural immersion and social science analysis for undergraduate college and university students that emphasizes inter-cultural communication and service-learning.

Students are provided with an insider’s perspective by living with a local family in Chiang Mai and by taking classes at Chiang Mai University.  Courses focus on Thai culture and language.  For 16 hours a week, students participate in an internship at a church, government, or educational agency, discussing their unique experiences at a weekly seminar.  For the last three weeks of the program, students journey to the foothills of the Himalayas in Northern Thailand, where they live in Karen, Lahu, and Akha tribal villages and have homestays with  village leaders and families.   This program is perfect for students who wish to explore a different country as a member of its society, not simply as a tourist.

The Spring Semester in Thailand (SST) has three basic assumptions:

1.  The goal of our program is total cultural immersion.  We strive to make students  a part of the indigenous Thai culture.  As a means for achieving this goal, students study Thai language, live with Thai families, and are placed in a study/service internship.  In structuring our program in this way, it is our hope that students will have a direct experience with Thai culture and society.

2.  The study/service internship allows students an opportunity not only to better  understand the culture but also give something back to it.  It is hoped that the student’s value commitments will lead to the service of others through the internship experience.

3.  The cost of our program (including international travel) is to be the same as if the student were at his or her host institution.   Most international programs of American colleges and universities require students to pay additional funds beyond the host institution’s charges for tuition, room, and board.  At the very least, students are responsible for their travel to and from the site of their international placement.  The Spring Semester in Thailand is committed to providing value for the student participants–a first class international studies program at domestic prices and all of your financial aid goes with you!


Colleges and Universities Served Since 2001

The Spring Semester in Thailand began in 2001 and we have brought more than 300 students from Westmont College (CA), Sioux Falls University (SD), California Lutheran University (CA), Messiah College (PA), Houghton College (NY), Gordon College (MA), Eastern University (PA), Bethel University (MN), Northwestern College (IA), Carthage College (WI), Pepperdine University (CA), Gustavus Adolphus College (MN), Trinity College (IL), Knox College (IL), Judson College (IL), Covenant College (GA), Northwestern College (MN), Geneva College (PA), and the Northeastern Missouri State University (MO).

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